About Me

My name is Bob and I have an insatiable desire to be in the mountains.  In college, I started leading trips through my university's outdoor education group as a way to get money.  I was a poor college student looking for ways to afford my modest diet of hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and cheap beer.  I remember standing in a circle before my first white water rafting trip and thinking "the people leading this trip are getting paid... I need a job... I might as well be out here doing this."

From this modest beginning, I started to fall in love.  I began going on weekend backpacking, white water kayaking, and rock climbing trips.  As I honed skills, I started taking my colleagues on these excursions as an employee for the university.  Eventually, I was hooked.

It wasn't until I stopped seeing these trips as a way to get money that something interesting happened.  I started to concentrate more on rock climbing and it started to become less of a hobby and more of an addiction.  Since graduating from the university, I have concentrated mostly on climbing of all types: rock, alpine, ice, city buildings, etc.  There is something that happens when I climb: something that keeps me sane, keeps me wondering, wandering, traveling, training, and always living in the moment.

This blog is a way to keep track of adventure and share some of the experiences and skills I acquire along the way.  Enjoy.

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